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May 25, 2011

Everything’s Dressier with a Moustache

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And did you know that “moustache” is an even dressier way to spell “mustache”? The fanciest way to use it is as an adjective, as in check out my moustachioed bed!

(Idea ripped from here)


May 16, 2011

Feather Head

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None of my other parts are ready for Summer, but at least my hair is.

May 13, 2011

KCWC – Petering Out

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Someday I’ll have a sewing room of my own again. It was such a luxury before babies to have a whole room to spread out my projects and be able to close the door when it got too crazy mid-project. These days my kitchen bar/ back room are my sewing room and when it gets crazy I feel completely overwhelmed. I still have fabrics pulled for a summer top for the girl, we’ll see if I can make it happen tonight.

The irony is that once we are at a point where I have space for a sewing room, I probably won’t have little kids to sew for anymore. I’d rather have babies than a sewing room so I’ll not wish these days away.

My sewing room(source)

May 11, 2011

KCWC Day 3 – More Plaid

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More plaid. More pants. These are sized generously so when he outgrows the green pair (already sad for that day), these will be waiting in the wings. (They will actually be worn cuffed until then.)

(I’ll see you on Friday, we’re off playing tomorrow!)

May 10, 2011

KCWC Day 2 – The Pants That Nearly Weren’t

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I cut these pants out last fall. I sewed them up halfway and abandoned the project. I have felt nagged by them every time I open my craft closet, but not nagged enough that I attempted to finish them. Until last night. I poured myself a nice glass of diet Dr. Pepper, sat down, got three stitches in, and my machine broke. Again. For like the zillionth time.

My husband went out today for a new one. (And a new garbage disposal, it was quite the night at our house last night.) I am feeling pretty good about finishing these on day two, and getting a picture even. Granted, the little boy insisted on sitting on his little chair just like big sister did during her photoshoot yesterday. So you can’t tell how wildly adorable they are on him when he is standing. But the point is that I finished. Right?

May 9, 2011

Spring KCWC – Day 1

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This is my first time participating in a Spring Kids’ Clothes Week Challenge. I had grand ambitions of doing it a week early so it would be easy to photograph and blog with time to spare, but I got nothing done. I still am hoping to post every day, be very impressed if that comes to pass, will you? Today I present to you the summer staple, a nice high waisted skirt in Very Berry by Alexander Henry.

The pocket was the biggest selling feature. The boy child was completely jealous and found the rest of the leftover fabric and was asking me to whip him one up, too. I was quick on my feet and switched his tee for one with a pocket. But I feel a little bit of mommy guilt so I have a boy project on deck tonight.

May 5, 2011


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I couldn’t pass up these pristine springtime vintage pillowcases. I bought them for the little, but she turned her nose up at them. So I talked my husband into letting them onto our bed until she got jealous enough to want them for herself. It took 2 hours.

May 2, 2011

A Collection

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When I stumbled across a vintage thermos at a garage sale last summer, I began obsessing over what I thought would be an original collection. But I guess either it was a once-you-buy-a-certain-car-you-notice-everyone-else-has-one kind of situation or perhaps the internet decided thermos collections were cool at the same exact moment I did. Either way, they are. And mine is growing.

(They are still broken up around the home because I don’t have enough to constitute a real collection yet. Maybe by Fall.)

April 29, 2011


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Somebody scored her first big Lalaloopsy in her Easter Basket. Of course, she came with a cute dress but I had to make her another for variety. I scoured etsy for cute ideas and sat down one night to make this little number from a japanese patchwork print. It turned out cute, but what a pain. I don’t know if “Baby” (I tried to insist that her name was Blossom Flowerpot, but apparently Wren thought Baby was more original) is going to get the wardrobe I had imagined for her. At least she has two dresses, right?

April 26, 2011

Thrifty Win

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I have a few items on my “must find” thrift/ garage sale list for the season. One was a brass headboard for the little girl’s room so we could finally upgrade her toddler bed to a twin. I spied a head/footboard combo a couple weeks ago at my new favorite shop. 20 bucks for the set and I was nearly beside myself. Even better? They are the same exact height so we can use them for matching headboards someday for a shared sibling room. RAD.

Sheets: Thrifted.

Duvet: New, Thrifted Ikea

Quilt: Reverse side of Back in the Saddle by yours truly.

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