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February 10, 2012

Outside Spaces

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Last Spring I grew my first (teensy square foot) garden. I was worried about the dog getting into it so my talented husband built the most beautiful fence and gate to keep him out. I have never had a passion for improving our outside spaces but Greg has it. I look at this little corner he created and I get so happy. It is beautiful. The kids love having picnics out there. I love that he repurposed the little Ikea dining table we bought when we got married 10 years ago. And the sailcloth shade is so nice for our fair-skinned family.

Not pictured is a half-height swinging gate that latches to keep the dog out. It is also cute, you’ll just have to take my word for it.


February 7, 2012


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Greg had this atomic wall clock in his office for a few years. We found it at Marshall’s, it was brushed chrome with a red face and was perfect for him. I think he leans more towards early midcentury design (atomic fifties) sometimes. I lean more towards the late end than him (hello, seventies) a lot. So we like to meet in the middle for the most part. See how that works?

Gold spray paint and some woodgrain fabric transformed the clock into a totally “us” piece. I love that we have found an aesthetic that makes us both so happy. I love this sunburst.

February 5, 2012

The Pink Room

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My lucky bird earned herself a new pink room a few months ago. We had installed new carpet early last year after a run in with a kinked dishwasher pipe while we were out of town one weekend. It was a blessing in disguise because our old carpet had been abused by my sweet little boy who spat up upon every square inch of our carpeting as a baby. We decided to get this darker color carpet to mask future stains (best decision ever). The only hitch is that it made Wren’s room look like a cave with her brown walls. So I bribed her through a rough fit stage with the promise of a new pink room once she filled up a giant marble jar.

I love how it is coming together. Her adorable rainbow blanket was crocheted by her nana when I was pregnant. My mom was addicted to crocheting for a while and let the daughters choose a baby blanket from a book she had. Until I chose this one, which is comprised of like a million hexagons which all had to be seamed together. Then she started choosing which ones she made. Bwahaha. I don’t regret it, even a little. I LOVE Wren’s rainbow blanket and since rainbows are one of her favorite things, so does she.

I thrifted this puppy recently. Greg is going to restore it some weekend. It is cute now but it is going to be even cuter after. Consider this a ‘before’ shot.

I wanted to make some curtains to tie in the yellow in her rocker, the one that used to be in my room as a girl. I found this vintage sheet and knew it was just the thing.

You can see how they almost dust the top of her dresser here. I love the length for her little girl room. Feels vintagey and sweet to me. Dresser was a garage sale steal. It came with a gorgeous upright piece that we passed along to my dad.

A couple of love letters for Wren, made by mommy.

Her nightstand. I scored that sweet phone about a decade ago at an estate sale. My mom has a red one that I covet but the green one works better in the pink room.

The mermaid print was hands-down Wren’s favorite part of her new room. I had been gathering a few new pieces for once her room got painted and we set it all up while she was having a bath one night. She freaked over the print. She loves mermaids but they HAVE to have red hair like her. You can find the mermaid print here.

This is my favorite part of the room. It is a rotating art exhibit, although I have a hard time taking the old art down to replace it. I love this solution and am sure Van will end up with the same thing in his room soon.

Daddy built her a dress up section for her closet, just at her height. I only get to see her in non-dress ups when we go out somewhere, so this was a necessary function.

Greg also contributed his old expedit shelf from his office (he went back to school last month – shout out to our hardworking, straight A student daddy!).

I took these photos a couple weeks ago and the room has already changed a bit. I’ll have to post an update or two, maybe once the desk is refinished!

October 6, 2011

Little Artists

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A few weeks ago I picked up a couple of inexpensive canvases and some new brushes and acrylic paints for the kids. I am obsessed with Wren’s portraits lately and I thought this would be the perfect moment for her to paint a self-portrait that we could keep. I got an extra so little brother wouldn’t feel left out but he blew me away with his painting. It looks so deliberate and art-y. I love them both to pieces.


October 3, 2011

Pinterest Pinspiration

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I just made that up. I am going to guess I’m not the first one to think of it, but I am still a little pleased with myself over that one.

So it seems to me there are two schools of thought on pinterest. The first is: “squeeeee! so many pretty pictures to look at!” and the second: “ugh how does everybody elseĀ  have so much time for this stuff. This just makes me feel bad about myself.” My life philosphy (well, my stay at home mom philosphy) helps me stay in the first group, the “squeee” group, if you will. Here is the philosphy – nobody is doing everything perfectly. I can only do one thing really well at a time. If I neglect my blog for months, it’s probably because I’m working out every day and am less interested in blogging. If my house is perfectly clean, I haven’t been creating. If I get in a reading zone, pretty much everything else falls behind. I think most moms are like this. And if they aren’t, please don’t tell me.

I am loving pinterest. I love seeing all of my bookmarked ideas laid out in front of me, it makes them more accessible and makes me more likely to act on the inspiration. For example, I bookmarked this lovely idea two years ago. I never got around to making some for our house. Until I pinned them a couple weeks ago and seeing them on my board a couple times reminded me how I wanted to tackle the project.

I added some knit stems for a little extra interest. I made a few more that are unpictured in the same vintage fabrics as shown, but reversed. I like how they coordinate in lighter tones as a result.

The kids were so excited about these squishy pumpkins. It makes me want to try harder to decorate for the seasons for them. They just get so excited over this stuff!

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May 25, 2011

Everything’s Dressier with a Moustache

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And did you know that “moustache” is an even dressier way to spell “mustache”? The fanciest way to use it is as an adjective, as in check out my moustachioed bed!

(Idea ripped from here)

May 13, 2011

KCWC – Petering Out

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Someday I’ll have a sewing room of my own again. It was such a luxury before babies to have a whole room to spread out my projects and be able to close the door when it got too crazy mid-project. These days my kitchen bar/ back room are my sewing room and when it gets crazy I feel completely overwhelmed. I still have fabrics pulled for a summer top for the girl, we’ll see if I can make it happen tonight.

The irony is that once we are at a point where I have space for a sewing room, I probably won’t have little kids to sew for anymore. I’d rather have babies than a sewing room so I’ll not wish these days away.

My sewing room(source)

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